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This Blog will follow my second year on the Illustration course at the university of Huddersfield. This blog will be like a second sketchbook to me, I will be using it as a place to sum up my thought and feelings on how my work is developing through the year. I will also use it as a place to document the artist i'm looking at whether i use them or not and perhaps a place to make sense of my Contextual Lectures.

Popped Water Balloon 

— 2 days ago

Self Promotion task
A few ideas
thoughts on best images colours layouts etc.?

— 3 days ago
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Liquid pressed between paper and plastic

— 5 days ago

Dripping Brusho and water mix onto paper from a height using a pipette 

— 6 days ago

Tipping Brusho and water mix onto Paper and allowing to dry

— 6 days ago
— 1 week ago with 1 note
— 1 week ago

Mix of blowing bubbles directly onto the paper over dry Brush so the colour spreads with the growth of the bubble (ones that have a large cover of colour) and Placing the ready formed bubbles over the dry Brusho (ones that are more spotted)

The smaller bubbles in these pictures disappeared into plain colour when dry.

— 2 weeks ago with 1 note

Constantly blowing bubbles into soapy coloured water till they overflowed then removing the dish to leave the pile of bubbles - Purely to look at the patterns created.

— 2 weeks ago

In the middle of the process of creating the experiments in the previous post

— 2 weeks ago with 1 note

1. Popping the bubbles just above the paper
2. Placing the formed bubbles onto the paper
3. Placing one colour then the other colour bubbles onto the paper and         allowing the bubbles to merge together before popping
4. Placing the straw in the purple so the inside of it was covered with the     solution then placing straw in the blue and blowing the bubble before       placing it on the paper.
5. A mix of test 1 and 2
6. A single bubble burst jsut above the paper

— 2 weeks ago with 1 note

Again bringing together patterns and shaped together over a photocopy of the Brusho experimentation

— 2 weeks ago