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This Blog will follow my second year on the Illustration course at the university of Huddersfield. This blog will be like a second sketchbook to me, I will be using it as a place to sum up my thought and feelings on how my work is developing through the year. I will also use it as a place to document the artist i'm looking at whether i use them or not and perhaps a place to make sense of my Contextual Lectures.

Sally Mankus

An artist i came across though a friends blog, i loved the overall appearance of the pieces and i thought that they fit well with my work. 

Firstly because she uses transfers and the transfer of her own photography (which is sometimes manipulated on Photoshop) from one material to another. This links to my work in the ways that i have been focusing on ways of distressing and transferring images onto found materials that will emphasis the distressed state of the photograph. This lead me to my second point the way that she has pulled the rust of objects to create a distressed/ages surfaces to then work over, i have been trying to find out how she gets them onto an acrylic skin,which i would like to have a go at.

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